SUTD Sports Complex is designed with a wide range of facilities to cater to the different interests and needs of sports lovers. We are very proud to have installed 2,000 seats of Fusion chairs and Perma benches at this facility in Singapore. Fusion is contoured for ergonomic support to improve the spectator experience. And with contemporary lines and a smooth, polished surface, the seat looks as good as it feels. Perma-cap vinyl bleacher covers offer the most cost-effective, durable and maintenance-free way to fit over the existing wood or aluminum bleachers or provide a totally new product when combining with the Perma galvanized steel plank.

After Renovation
2016-08-22 17.50.27.jpg
2016-08-22 18.04.05.jpg
2016-08-22 18.07.53.jpg
2016-08-22 18.06.59.jpg